Who we are

CoAlpha is committed to building an intelligent asset management platform that serves participants in global digital asset digital asset investment. Through blockchain technology, it enhances the transparency and efficiency of the asset management industry, and promotes healthy development of the industry.

Technical Architecture

The technical system of the new distributed asset management (fund) network mainly includes: the underlying block chain, the digital asset management process layer and the investment product application layer.

  • ApplicationLayer
  • DAPP
  • SDK
  • AI
  • Process Layer
  • Investment Product

    Management Contract

  • Investment Product

    Buying Contract

  • Investment Strategy

    Management Contract

  • Blockchain Layer
  • CAL
  • Smart Contract

    Virtual Machine


  • Digital Asset Management

    The digital asset investment fund market has many problems such as lack of transparency, risk management control, hard to scale due to safety and trust level. Through the CoAlpha Smart Contract, individual investors can leverage professional asset manager's investment skills while making sure the net value is real and risk management is in place. In return, asset manager can issue investment product easily, can grow their asset under management while focusing on investing.

  • Institutional Digital Asset Internal Control

    Institution and corporation who owns digital asset asset need a good way to audit their asset value changes, can also leverage our system to achieve better transparency, risk monitoring and management.

  • Digital Asset Investment Rating Platform

    Based on immutable actual performance data, investors can compare and discover good investment products that matches their risk preference and investment style.


  • Excellent Team

    The CoAlpha team has solid background of blockchain technology, distributed big data processing, investment management, quantitative transactions, financial derivatives, fund raising & marketing, artificial intelligence, and internet product planning and operations. The advisors have extensive resources in investment, exchanges, and blockchain and digital asset network and have great industry influence. The team has a strong constituency that can attract all parties in the ecosystem to participate in ecological construction. Core members and advisors are from well-known universities as Stanford, MIT, Wharton, New York University, Peking University, Fudan University, and Xi'an Jiaotong University, and they have been cultivating for more than ten years in their respective industries and served in such large companies as Citadel LLC, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Tencent, Thunder, etc.


  • Platform & Community

    At present, digital asset management is still in the "Blue Ocean" stage. With rich experience in the financial industry, the team can build a blockchain protocol and application system more professionally and efficiently. At the same time, the team will help accumulate investment profits through the operation and development of asset management products on the CoAlpha platform, and will attract more exchanges and individual investors. With good user traffic, it can motivate outstanding professional asset managements and data service providers to join in, hence forming a virtuous circle. The user viscosity is increased by developing corresponding DApp with user scenarios and operating personal asset management community.


  • Fast-growing Market

    The digital asset market has great potential, and the open mindedness of the team is conducive to rapid growth. According to CoinMarketCap.com, the total market value of digital assets currently in circulation is hundreds of billions of dollars, and thousands of digital currencies are waiting to be listed and circulated. The potential for market size development is huge. At the same time, the opportunities for profiting from pre-ICO investment would diminish. Since the bull and bear markets appear alternatively, the demand for specialized asset management services will be stronger, and the asset management business will have explosive growth. We believe in the bright future of this emerging industry and the huge market size. We will adhere to our open mindset, welcome excellent teams to join this industry, and jointly promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.



2017 June

Project Kick off

Team built-up, Planning

2017 December

2018 January

Commence the digital asset Quantitative Strategy

Cornerstone Investment raising

2018 March

2018 April

Issue Digital Asset ETF strategy

2018 May

Built up blockchain R&D team Complete CTA strategy development Complete the development of Beta version of smart market analysis tool

Launch multinational platform that offers fund purchasing and community function Self-run fund gain stable profit

2018 Sept

2018 Dec

Complete the Ethereum-based asset-management agreement product MVP, providing matching smart contracts from the capital end to the trading end

Improve and complete asset management agreement product Platform investment scale expanded to 100,000 ETH; Enrich investment product line, offer strategy such as ETF, quantitative arbitrage products, index enhancement strategies, etc

2019 Q1

2019 Q2

Supporting third-party developers in the ecosystem to develop ecological applications.Collect the needs of ecological parties and explore the underlying chain solutions

2019 Q3

Become the No.1 Crypto Asset Management in the world

  • COALPHA funds

    CoAlpha Proprietary Quantitative Strategies

    The CoAlpha Proprietary Quantitative Strategies are digital asset investment products that use sophisticated financial engineering and quantitative technologies such as statistical modeling, machine learning, market structure and risk management techniques. Such products are results of years expertise in financial trading industry, can capture the inefficiency market in an automated fashion and can have high Sharpe ratio, but are relatively complicated and secretive in nature to maximize investor's benefits. These type of quantitative strategies are usually only open for well selected accredited investors.

    CoAlpha Index Product And Smart Factor Product

    The CoAlpha index products are digital asset investment products that use index strategy. Index strategy is actually a simple quantitative strategy, having a higher yield risk ratio than investing in a single digital asset because of investment diversification and dynamic adjustment. Easy to understand and deal with, it has large capacity, suitable for large-scale capital allocation, or investors who understand shallow digital currency and favor simple strategy. CoAlpha team is open to collaborate with exchanges and data providers to create customized co-branded index products that are easy to realize on their platform, such as based on their settlement price and active token portfolio.

    3rd Party Investment Strategies

    We invite and partner with 3rd parties to put their strategies on our platforms to provide diversified investment products that satisfy different investors with different risk profile and needs. Please contact us to be part of our platform offering.


  • James Wang


  • Jerry An

    CRO & Director of Big Data Technology

James Wang

Ph.D., in Computer Science from New York University

B.S. from Peking University

10 years US Finance & Technology industry experience

Formerly Senior Quantitative Researcher in Citadel LLC (a world famous hedge fund)

Achieved over US$100 million in revenue

Worked for Barclays Capital, Bloomberg Tradebook and Ask.com

Graduated from Draper University 1st Executive Blockchain Program

Jerry An

Experienced in product R & D and project management

Former PM leading R & D team over one hundred people

Worked in Guangdong Planning and designing Institute of Telecommunications

Former head of big data research and development department

Master of computer science from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications


  • Fenbushi Capital

    Top 5 VC that exclusively invests in Blockchain industry ranked by CB insight, founders includes Dr.Feng Xiao, Vice Chairman of Bosera Fund; Bo Shen, Co-founder of Bitshares; Vitalik Buterinn, Founder of Ethereum. Fenbushi Capital has invested in over 50 blockchain companies.

    Shenglong Zou

    Shenglong Zou is the founder of Thunder, a NASDAQ listed company (XNET), B.S. from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, M.S. from Duke University. Thunder is a global leading provider of Cloud Accelerator, distributed storage, P2P technology and leading China service providers of CDN and cloud computing.

    Tian Jia

    An evangelist of bitcoin and blockchain technology since 2011 , Shareholder of BitFinex , Venture Advisor for ZhenFund , Investor in 34 blockchain projects.

    Howard Chen

    Former executive of the largest technology company in Asia, led its global investments in technology and innovation. Held executive positions at Goldman Sachs and Carlyle Group. Wharton MBA , B.S. from Fudan University.


Pang Chau

Nearly 20 years of experience in quantitative finance , Focuses on the application of machine learning in quantitative transactions , Served as Managing Director/Partner of Citadel Capital , Managing Director of Knight Capital Group , CTO of Vatic Labs , Created the largest dark pool in the world , M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University .

Kevin Xu

Investment Director of Hua Partners , Years of entrepreneurial experience, once worked as the co-founder of Yogrt(a stranger social product), and worked as Huawei's TOP a-level project manager,had managed projects worth than 100 million dollars , MBA from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and bachelor of Information Engineering University .

Sam Wang

CEO of Fu Toubang, Partner of Jin Fuzi , Web team leader of personal network disk in Alibaba, who was involved in Moody's credit rating system and core development of the Thunder network membership system , Ten years web side product architecture and the development and management experience, in the business model combing, system development, implementation and experienced, equity financing, etc , Focusing on Fintech, as well as the consulting, technology and investment and financing services in the area of blockchain finance .

Mi Jing

Founder & CEO of ThunderDB , Chief Engineer & VP of Thunder NASDAQ(XNET) , responsible for National Engineering Lab of Big Data Accelerator at Thunder , Chief Architecture of Jiepang.com , working with Baidu/Google team . Peacock Award by Shenzhen Government , multiple paper accepted at international conferennces